Delivered When You Need It is the primary philosophy at Abrasive-Form as we provide our creep feed grinding services with the utmost quality and value to our customers. With over 45 creep feed grinding machines Abrasive-Form is North America’s largest contract manufacturer specializing in this field. We are recognized as the industry leader for production grinding of turbine blades, vanes and shrouds components in the industrial gas turbine and aerospace industries. Additionally, our 30 plus years of experience in creep feed grinding has allowed us to service many industries such as medical, paper pulp, electronics, heavy machinery, automotive and hand tools in close tolerance and high volume applications.

The stringent engineering requirements for industrial gas turbine and aerospace components require quality and accuracy that creep feed and 5-axis CBN grinding provides. Abrasive-Form has vast experience and expertise in the production grinding of exotic alloys in a variety of heat treated conditions, which are very difficult to machine using conventional methods. Our services offer high precision and increased efficiency with a constant emphasis on delivery. We maintain a full engineering and quality assurance support staff and are ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C registered.

Abrasive-Form can also serve as your project manager, coordinating secondary services and subcontractors after our machining. Our skilled vendor management will expedite the part throughput to help meet your delivery requirements. Wherever we are positioned in the supply chain, your product will be given the utmost attention to quality and Delivered When You Need It!

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